The Apple iPhone SE series is designed for those preferring a smaller profile with all the same great iPhone features they expect. There are three generations of SE series iPhones, each with their own advancements and options. SE series iPhones retain classic features of previous iPhone models, following the dimensions of the iPhone 8 (SE series generations two and three) and iPhone 5s (SE generation one).

All three generations of the iPhone SE feature quality Apple A series chips at budget, accessible prices, making them popular all-rounders.

Apple iPhone SE Series

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What Are the Key Features of the Apple iPhone SE Series?

The SE series is unique in the iPhone landscape, filling a gap for those preferring a smaller handheld device that’s still powerful and functional. Across the generations, you’ll find:

  • Compact design, making the SE series easy to handle and store. First generation iPhone SE follows the dimensions of the 5S, while generations two and three are the same size as iPhone 8
  • Each generation includes quality A series chips, such as the Apple A9 (1st gen), A13 (2nd gen) and A15 (3rd gen)
  • Apple-quality camera options, including up to 7 megapixel rear camera for SE series generation three 

What Are the Details of the Apple iPhone SE Series?

The iPhone SE retains many classic iPhone features and new additions, including:

  • Touch ID fingerprint scanner, first introduced for iPhone 5s
  • Budget-friendly price point, allowing a wider audience to experience Apple iPhone quality
  • Classic colour options, such as midnight, starlight and product red