Consider the ASUS Handset a great productivity friend that keeps you connected to email and the Internet. The all new ultra-slim, palm-sized ASUS handset easily stands out from other PDAs on the market. The Asus handsets have been exclusively created to satisfy a demand for both smartphone and tablet users. A first of its kind creation, ASUS handset allows you to switch impeccably between the pad and phone.


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Why buy an ASUS?

ASUS smartphones are known for their quality construction, user-friendly interface, and overall value. Generally falling between the mid and premium range, ASUS smartphones offer flexibility across their multiple models.

Are ASUS phones compatible with Android?

Yes, ASUS phones run on the Android operating system. Although ASUS does have its own user interface on top of Android, called ZenUI. ZenUI customises the look and feel of the phone to distinguish it from stock Android while offering additional features and functionalities.