Extended Warranty Information

BecexTech now offers Extended Warranty leading class warranty solutions within United States.

Manufacturer Warranty Terms: You can be rest assured that your product will be covered by industry standard manufacturer warranty terms depending on the plan purchased plus the following benefits:
  • No Lemon Guarantee: After the 2nd repair and upon the event of any 3rd repair, we will under the terms and conditions of this PSP (Product Service Plan) at Our discretion provide a comparable model replacement for our faulty product. Total accumulated repairs costs will not exceed original purchase price of product.
  • Replacement Bonus: We will provide You upon full replacement in a valid first claim a discount of 15% on your next PSP purchase for Your replaced product.
  • $1200 Replacement: For faulty items that cannot be viably repaired up to the retail value of $1200, We may replace the product with a similar specification product. Product Health Check: During the period of Your PSP You will receive one health check contact to ensure Your product is properly maintained and in good working order.
  • Normal Wear & Tear: Failures from normal Wear and Tear including from dust exposure is covered as a result of normal usage (including remote controls) within manufacturer care specifications.
  • Transferable: This PSP can be transferred to a new owner provided notification
  • of a receipt / proof of transfer is sent to Us within 10 days of Your product being resold / transferred. You can call our customer service team for more information.
  • No Fuss Claim Process
  • And MORE

All extended warranty offer and fees are available on product page. Please note that if you are buying Camera Kit, only camera will be covered not the lens

Making claim steps(as easy as A-B-C)

  1. The customer simply email our friendly Customer Service to obtain RMA number
  2. Purchase will be verified
  3. and a job will be logged and allocated for repair

Please note that extended warranty is only active when standard 1 year warranty is expired.

Summary of cover

Features BXT APS Care
Type of good or service covered Applies to all types of products sold by us
Terms Commences on expiry of Your Product’s standard warranty
Coverage Allows claims in the event that the applicable product fails to operate properly due to an Eligible Fault, subject at all times to the terms and conditions. If a suitable replacement cannot be found,we will offer you a store credit or cash settlement.
Replacement Yes – if your product suffers from an Eligible Fault then we will replace it for you. If a suitable replacement cannot be found we will offer you a store credit or cash settlement